Learn How Invisalign Can Correct Your Smile

Sometimes all your smile needs to shine is a few small improvements. Like subtle tooth whitening or treatments or stubborn stains, adjustments made to the alignment of your teeth go a long way in improving the look of your smile. Unless advanced alignment changes are needed, Invisalign is usually the best option for making these adjustments. Here are seven reasons why you’re likely to be happier with these clear retainers than traditional braces if they’re a good fit for your needs.

Easy Removal for Cleaning

First, the retainers used for Invisalign treatment slide on and off easily. Unlike the fixed installation of traditional wire braces, these retainers can be removed when you need to brush your teeth or before you make a presentation at work. It’s easier to keep your oral hygiene levels high when using retainers instead of braces.

There’s no need to carry a special toothbrush or worry that bits of food are stuck where they are noticeable. You can clean the retainers thoroughly without damaging them, ensuring they’re always fresh and ready to use during each day’s prescribed wear time.

Expanded Food Options

When wearing traditional types of braces, you trade a change in tooth alignment for plenty of restrictions on food and snacks. Chewy, hard, and sticky foods can all badly damage the brackets or pull the wires out of place. While you shouldn’t eat or drink much when wearing your Invisalign retainer, you can simply pop off the retainer and enjoy your favorite foods. Then rinse your mouth out with a little water or brush your teeth if there are any sticky deposits before replacing the retainer. Why settle for years without popcorn or gummy bears when you get food flexibility with Invisalign?

Comfortable Adjustment

The process of adjusting the alignment of your teeth will always involve a little soreness. However, it can become downright painful immediately after having traditional braces adjusted at the orthodontist’s office. This pain tapers off as the teeth adjust to the pressure, but it can generate a lot of anxiety about adjustment appointments.

Invisalign takes a much more gradual approach to moving the teeth around. This means the adjustment process is less painful and more comfortable. Patients that worry about the ongoing soreness caused by braces will likely find this option takes care of the issue.

Surprising Smile Improvements

While Invisalign is only recommended for relatively minor adjustments to the smile, you’ll be surprised how big of a change this can create in the appearance of the smile. There’s not necessarily a need for dramatic changes in tooth alignment if the bite pattern is healthy. Just a minor adjustment here and there will lead to a straighter, brighter smile without requiring the extensive changes made by traditional braces.

Let our team here at Eastgate Dental Excellence determine if you are best served with the improvements made by Invisalign or if you will truly need braces to get the smile you want. In most cases, Invisalign is more than enough to achieve your goals.

Clear Retainers for Near Invisibility

The main attraction of Invisalign treatment for most patients is right in the name. These clear retainers are nearly impossible to see once they’re slipped in place over your teeth. While there are options for disguised brackets and clear wires for traditional braces, they’re still more noticeable than the retainers used for Invisalign. If you’re a working adult or have a teen that’s concerned about their personal appearance, invisibility could be the deciding factor between getting an adjustment or putting it off.

Quicker Treatment Time

Getting your teeth aligned won’t happen overnight no matter the method you choose. While you might think that braces might work faster than retainers, they actually tend to take longer. This is due in part to the fact that traditional braces are generally used for extensive changes to the upper and lower jaws. Invisalign makes more minor adjustments, therefore reducing the treatment window significantly. Braces can stay on the teeth for anywhere from one to three years, while Invisalign rarely takes longer than 18 months to complete treatment.

Adult users of braces tend to need them for far longer since it’s harder to adjust their teeth’s alignment. If you’re choosing to improve your smile past adolescence, the shorter timeframe of this method makes it a good choice for you.

Fixed Costs

It’s often hard to estimate the cost of traditional orthodontic procedures. While you may think you only need basic braces, the orthodontist may recommend a much more advanced treatment plan involving other equipment or surgeries as well. It’s possible for a problem to be discovered during a routine adjustment that changes the upcoming costs of continuing the treatment. In comparison, Invisalign has relatively fixed costs.

Each new retainer sent to progressively change the alignment of your teeth has a specific cost you can budget for over time. Knowing the entire cost upfront and that you’ll experience few surprise costs will ensure you don’t have to stop treatment halfway through and lose the benefits.

Reach out to us here at Eastgate Dental Excellence to schedule an appointment to discuss your tooth alignment options. Whether you need extensive changes or a few minor adjustments, we can help you find the right treatment. We’re happy to be your source for reliable and affordable Invisalign treatments and can support you during the entire process.