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fluoride treatment at eastgateAt Eastgate Dental Excellence, we believe that the best approach to dental care is a proactive one designed to prevent oral health problems before they begin. We provide a complete list of preventive dentistry services, including fluoride treatments, to help your smile stay bright and healthy for life.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral commonly used to strengthen tooth enamel and protect teeth.

How Fluoride Protects Your Teeth

Tooth enamel is comprised of minerals including fluoride and calcium. When your teeth are exposed to the acids in foods and drinks or the acids produced by bacteria living in your mouth, these acids break down the minerals that make up tooth enamel. This weakens your teeth and puts you at risk of tooth decay.

Fluoride helps strengthen and protect tooth enamel through a process called remineralization. Our teeth constantly undergo a process of being remineralized with fluoride and other minerals.

Your teeth can benefit from fluoride in a variety of ways:

  • Ingested in water or mineral-rich foods, fluoride is distributed throughout the body and will eventually remineralize your teeth through your saliva.
  • Applied topically, fluoride bonds with tooth enamel, strengthening it.

Where Is Fluoride Found?

Fluoride is a common ingredient in toothpaste and other dental care products, and it is even added to many municipal water systems to provide health benefits to everyone who drinks tap water.

Additionally, professional fluoride treatments containing a greater concentration of the mineral are available at our dental office. These can provide your teeth with a much-needed boost of fluoride that will replenish your enamel.

What to Expect When Getting a Fluoride Treatment

After receiving a dental cleaning and examination, we apply fluoride treatments in our office. Fluoride treatments just require a quick and simple application to the teeth and a waiting period before eating or drinking.

Professional fluoride treatments are available in a variety of forms including gels with trays, varnishes, and foams. The exact application and instructions for aftercare vary depending on the type of fluoride treatment you receive.

Comprehensive Preventive Dentistry Services at Eastgate Dental Excellence

All patients can benefit from receiving regular fluoride treatments in our dental office while also using dental products containing fluoride at home.

To learn more about how fluoride can protect your teeth from tooth decay or to schedule an appointment at Eastgate Dental Excellence, we welcome you to contact us today.

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