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Implant Restoration

Implant RestorationJust like natural teeth, dental implants are subject to daily wear and tear and other types of damage over time. Our dentists can address dental implant damage and help you restore your dental implants to their original appearance and function with dental implant restoration.

How Do Dental Implants Get Damaged?

Dental implants consist of three parts: a cap or crown, an abutment, and a dental implant post.

Stains, Chips, Cracks, and Breaks

Damage to a dental implant’s crown (the portion of the implant that replaces your tooth) can occur due to normal wear and tear, chewing on hard objects or tough foods, or eating and drinking things that can stain the teeth.

Dental crowns can also become damaged due to injuries. Usually, damage to a crown occurs in the form of stains, chips, or fractures.

Loose Crown

Sometimes, the cement that fixes a dental crown to the abutment portion of a dental implant can deteriorate over time. This can result in a crown that either feels loose or completely separates from the abutment.

(If your dental crown falls off, keep it in a safe place until you can schedule an appointment to have it re-attached.)

Loose Implant Post

Additionally, dental implants can become damaged as a result of poor oral hygiene. When periodontal disease develops, the bacterial infection can lead to gum inflammation, gum recession, and bone deterioration. All of these issues can affect the dental implant’s stability in your mouth.

Complete Implant Restoration at Eastgate Dental Excellence

We always encourage our patients to take precautions to care for their dental implants by practicing proper oral hygiene, scheduling a dental cleaning every six months, and avoiding foods and drinks that could damage their dental crown or natural teeth.

Despite all of our best efforts, dental implants can sometimes still become damaged. When this is the case, we can fully restore your dental implant by repairing your crown, replacing your crown, or re-cementing the dental crown for a more secure fit.

When a dental implant becomes compromised due to periodontal disease, our team will do our best to stabilize your implant and talk with you about the steps you can take to address periodontal disease to improve your overall oral health while safeguarding your dental implants.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment to discuss any concerns you have regarding your dental implants, we welcome you to contact Eastgate Dental Excellence today.

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