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Porcelain Restorations

Porcelain Tooth RestorationWhen you decide to restore your smile, you want results that look natural, feel comfortable, and last for a long time. Porcelain tooth restorations at Eastgate Dental Excellence can provide you with all of these benefits.

Why Choose Porcelain Tooth Restoration?


Although you might think of porcelain objects as delicate, porcelain is actually an incredibly durable material — especially when used in dental restorations. It offers similar strength to tooth enamel, and it can stand up to the daily wear and tear of chewing, biting, and tooth-on-tooth pressure. With proper care, porcelain tooth restorations can easily last more than 15 years.


Porcelain can be used to treat and restore various dental problems, including filling both small and large cavities, completely capping teeth to preserve and protect your natural tooth structure, or replacing a tooth with a dental implant. Porcelain can even be used to manufacture the pontic in a dental bridge for replacing multiple teeth.


In addition to be versatile and strong, porcelain also offers the most natural look and feel of all tooth restoration materials. It can be dyed to match neighboring teeth and reflects light like your natural tooth enamel.

Ways to Restore Your Teeth With Porcelain

Thanks to the material’s versatility, porcelain offers our patients a variety of options when it comes to restoring teeth.

Caps or Crowns

Porcelain caps and crowns cover the entire portion of a tooth that’s above the gum line. They improve the appearance of teeth and completely restore the tooth’s natural shape and function. Additionally, caps and crowns can also help preserve a patient’s natural tooth by supporting and protecting the tooth’s structure.

Crowns made from 100% porcelain — rather than porcelain fused to metal — have a more natural appearance that resembles tooth enamel, blending seamlessly with your neighboring teeth. This makes them perfect for capping teeth that are located in either the back or front of the mouth.

Additionally, 100% porcelain crowns offer a safe alternative for patients who suffer from allergies and sensitivities to metal materials.

Fillings, Onlays, and Inlays

While caps and crowns are designed to completely fit over the exposed areas of a tooth, inlays and onlays cover and restore a smaller portion of a tooth.

An onlay covers the cusp (ridge) of a tooth, while an inlay only covers or fills the portion of the tooth between the cusps.

Onlays, inlays, and fillings made of porcelain are cemented onto teeth. They are a durable option to repair chipped or broken teeth and to fill large cavities.


Porcelain veneers are not designed to restore or repair a broken tooth. However, veneers can be used to cover stains, chips, or fractures that do not threaten the health of a tooth, and as long as the tooth doesn’t require a formal repair.

Is Porcelain Restoration Right for You?

To learn more about the porcelain tooth restoration treatments available at Eastgate Dental Excellence or to find out if one of these treatment options might be right for you, we welcome you to schedule a smile restoration consultation today.

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