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Feeling confident in your smile can make all the difference in your day. Unfortunately, too many people hide their smiles, concerned about showing unsightly teeth stains and discolorations. Help for this is available, however, especially with all the advancements in dental technology and teeth whitening these days.

One of those advancements is the ZOOM whitening procedure, a safe, professional technique done right in your dentist’s office. With ZOOM, your options can range from one to six shades lighter than the color of your natural teeth, achieving the look and smile you desire and others will admire.

What is the ZOOM Teeth Whitening Technique?

The ZOOM teeth whitening technique is accomplished with the use of a specialized bleaching gel and lamp. Your dentist will oversee the application, ensuring your safety and comfort at all times.

The bleaching gel is applied, followed by special lighting at specified wavelengths from the ZOOM lamp. This combination allows the release of activated oxygen molecules that penetrate the teeth’ enamel, splitting apart the dark pigments lying underneath and neutralizing the overall color.

The result is a lighter and brighter tooth color, bringing about a more youthful appearance overall.

Here is what to expect when undergoing this whitening technique:

  • Your dentist conducts an initial exam and notes tooth discolorations.
  • A special protective material is applied to your lips, tongue, gums, and other mouth tissues. This material will protect and insulate these areas of your mouth from the UV rays of the light and from the process of bleaching itself.
  • A specialized whitening gel will be evenly spread across all teeth surfaces.
  • Your dentist will maneuver a specialized ZOOM lamp over the teeth covered in the bleaching gel. This will activate the bleaching, allowing the substances in the gel to tackle tough stains and discolorations.
  • The combination of gel and light will continue for approximately 15 minutes.
  • At the end of the 15 minutes, your dentist removes the whitening gel from your teeth.
  • Application of a special fluoride treatment is next applied to your teeth to lessen sensitivity.

The process will occur three times during your session, so plan for at least an hour and a half of time in the dentist’s chair. Following your first appointment, you may need to return for more sessions to achieve the look or shade you want.

Is ZOOM teeth whitening safe for tooth enamel?

It’s understandable that you may be concerned about the safety of your tooth enamel when choosing ZOOM. With all the advancements in dentistry these days, you can count on your dentist only recommending those options that are proven and safe. Yet, it’s always wise to ask questions and learn the most you can about any procedure.

As to the question of whether ZOOM teeth whitening is safe for tooth enamel, the answer is yes. The bleaching gel used and the combination of light waves do not cause harm. It can instead potentially strengthen enamel hardness anywhere from 25-37% more than it already is.

The gel itself contains hydrogen peroxide and a substance called amorphous calcium phosphate, or ACP. Together, they whiten your teeth and also address any tooth surface defects, such as minute cracks, by filling them in.

The whitening gel and the process itself does not cause enamel softening or stripping, nor does it create abnormal wear. This is often a concern of those considering whitening techniques and substances.

Do expect to feel some teeth sensitivity in the days or weeks following your treatment. However, this is not due to damage but potentially to tooth dehydration. Such dehydration is a natural occurrence during a bleaching process and is only temporary.

The fluoride treatment provided following the procedure reduces the sensitivity. As an additional precaution, though, you may want to refrain from eating too many sweets for the first week and avoid iced or steaming hot drinks.

Why Whiten Your Teeth with the Help of a Professional?

By seeking the help of a professional dentist, you will better achieve the coloring you desire. Customized treatments, personalized just for you, allow reliable results catered to your exact needs in less time.

Examples of who can benefit from a professionally applied ZOOM teeth whitening procedure include.

  • Anyone who is dissatisfied with the current color of their natural teeth and looking for a lighter and brighter look.
  • Coffee or tea drinkers who are already aware of the resulting stains that can accumulate on teeth from these beverages.
  • Previous smokers suffering from darkened teeth due to the effects of nicotine.
  • Aging persons noticing a graying or yellowing change to their tooth color. As you age, stains accumulate on your teeth from various sources. The inner pulp of the tooth begins to shrink, and the dentin, the inner tooth layer prone to stains, builds up. This natural process gives teeth a graying or yellowing surface look which can be distracting and even embarrassing.

Essentially, not only can teeth whitening enhance your outward appearance, it can boost your self-confidence, leading to more smiles.

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