A Guide to Non-IV Sedation Options | Eastgate Dental Excellence

Experiencing anxiety over going to the dentist? We here at Eastgate Dental Excellence have plenty of practice in dealing with these issues. We usually recommend a form of sedation dentistry for anyone experiencing nervousness over getting in the chair. You need to see the dentist at least once every six months for routine cleaning and inspections. If you’ve been putting it off or just need a more comfortable dental care experience, explore our non-IV sedation dentistry options so you can get the anxiety-free experience you deserve.

What is Sedation for Dentistry?

In general, most dental procedures are handled with the patient fully conscious and aware of their surroundings. However, this can create anxiety for a number of reasons. Patients with anxiety or dental avoidance may be uncomfortable with:

  • Having fingers or tools in their mouths
  • The sounds created during their treatments or other activities going on in the office
  • Bright lights that are often needed during specific dental procedures
  • Needing to sit still in the dentist’s chair for an hour or more for some treatments
  • Former dental experiences that were less than positive.

Sedation is the simplest way to calm the nerves and help you get through any dental care you need with less discomfort.

IV Sedation vs. Non-IV Sedation

There are two primary forms of sedation for dentistry, although there are also individual treatments within both categories to help provide individualized results. All sedation options available today at the dentist’s office fall into either IV sedation or non-IV sedation. IV sedation relies on an intravenous supply of a mild sedating solution that takes effect quickly. However, most IV sedation options are much stronger than non-IV options. You’re more likely to reach a “twilight” state where you don’t remember much. It’s hard to make decisions or respond to the dentist’s questions when under IV sedation. For routine procedures where you’ll need to stay lucid and present while still getting anxiety relief, you may prefer the milder effects of non-IV sedation.

Benefits of Choosing Sedation for Dental Work

No matter the type of dental sedation you choose, there are a number of potential benefits for you. First, ending the avoidance of routine dental visits will result in better oral health and general health for the rest of your life. You may find that having a few calming dental experiences through the help of sedation reduces your need for it in the future. Second, sedation helps the dentist get more work done at once if you had to stop and take breaks during the procedure in the past. This can allow you to get much-needed procedures done like root canals, tooth extractions, and more without concern. If you have a strong gag reflex, you’ll also find it is greatly diminished by the use of mild sedation during dental care.

Why Choose Non-IV Sedation?

IV sedation is a powerful tool for more serious dental procedures, but it’s often not recommended for everyday cleanings and simpler treatments like fillings. The use of needles can make some patients uncomfortable with IV medication as well. Non-IV sedation generally comes in the form of a pill or an odorless, colorless gas that’s easy to take just by breathing in. Using these highly controlled forms of medication can give just the sedating effect you need to stay calm and not any more. It’s also easier to predict side effects or complications with non-IV sedation. Unless you need a more advanced form of anesthesia as recommended by the dentist, you’re likely to prefer non-IV sedation for routine dental care visits.

Your Options at Eastgate Dental

Here at Eastgate Dental Excellence, we provide two different forms of non-IV sedation to ensure there’s something for everyone that needs help with anxiety. We can match a number of different oral non-IV sedation medications that you’ll take before you even arrive at the office. This ensures you’re calm while sitting in the waiting room and throughout the entire procedure. If that’s not a good fit for your health needs, we also provide Nitrous Oxide gas as an option. It’s supplied during the dental procedure through a simple mask fitted to your face, giving you a mild sense of relaxation while leaving you awake enough to understand everything that’s happening. It wears off relatively quickly as well and has few potential side effects, making it a good choice for almost everyone that needs dental sedation. We’ll help you decide what kind of non-IV sedation options are right for you when you first visit our team.

Schedule an appointment today to put an end to dental anxiety and the pattern of avoidance and oral health issues that it can create. Take charge of your smile with a proactive approach to comfortable and patient-centered dental care here at Eastgate Dental Excellence.