When to Seek Specialized Dental Care | Eastgate Dental Excellence

Eastgate Dental Excellence is your full-service dental clinic with an experienced team capable of handling all of your everyday dental health needs. However, there are some dental health challenges that are beyond the skills of our dentists and staff. If necessary, we can make referrals to help you find the best specialists for advanced dental care in the area. Here are just some of the reasons why we might recommend that you seek out specialized dental care.

Advancing Gum Disease

We can help you with the earliest stages of gum disease, also known as gingivitis. Of course, this is only the case if you come in at the first signs of gum disease like redness around the edge of the gums or bleeding after brushing. If you wait and your gum disease progresses, you’ll need to visit a periodontist for prompt treatment. Waiting even longer for treatment could lead to tooth loss, gum infections, and jaw issues. Let us check your gums for early signs of disease and inflammation every time you visit for a routine cleaning so we can assist you in preventing gingivitis.

Special Needs

Some patients need more support during their dental procedures than others. Our team can help with non-IV sedation to keep you calm and relaxed during treatments, along with clear explanations of the techniques we’re using and breaks whenever you need them. However, some patients simply need a different type of dental care to address special needs involving sensory overload or difficulty controlling automatic movements. Finding a dentist specializing in that level of support will result in the best dental experiences for any patient.

Tooth Loss and Restoration

Once a tooth has been lost entirely due to decay, gum disease, or accidental trauma, the other surrounding teeth begin to shift into the open space. This changes the shape of your smile and can lead to damage if the new bite pattern causes conflict between teeth. If you’re interested in dental implants and other advanced dental techniques for filling in the smile, we can help. Some cases may need a referral to smile restoration experts if additional surgeries like sinus lifts or ridge restoration are needed before the implants will work.

Jaw Health Concerns

Along with dental restorations, other jaw health issues may require the attention of a dental surgeon. Let Eastgate Dental Excellence detail what’s affecting your jaw health and help you decide how to address them. We can make referrals to specialists who can deal with infection, bone loss, and more to help you prepare for restoration steps as well. Jaw pain can be felt all the way in the ears, eyes, or as chronic headaches instead. If you’re concerned about any facial pain in particular, mention it during your routine dental exam so we can pinpoint potential causes.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Removing wisdom teeth is often a simple process that only involves basic extraction procedures. This applies to cases where the wisdom teeth are emerging and the roots aren’t embedded or impacted. When wisdom teeth become impacted instead and fail to emerge, we may refer you to a dental surgeon for a more in-depth removal process. It’s still a quick surgery that requires only a slightly longer recovery period. Having your wisdom teeth removed preemptively often makes recovery faster than waiting until there is infection or pain from impaction.


Trauma and accidents that damage the mouth may need more than standard dental care. Rebuilding broken jaw tissue, restoring missing gum tissue, or replacing missing teeth often requires the attention of a specialized restoration dentist and dental surgeon. You may need multiple specialists working together with a faciomaxillary surgeon to ensure all the restoration work heals well and stabilizes your biting and chewing ability. We’re happy to help handle checkups on healing and assist with general oral health care as you recover from your treatment journey.

Tooth Alignment Issues

It’s possible to adjust small alignment issues in your smile that are only cosmetic with everyday procedures like dental veneers. If the alignment issues are affecting the bite pattern and need adjustment through braces or retainers, you’ll need to see an orthodontist in addition to your regular visits to our office. We can refer you to local orthodontists that provide both teen and adult braces and the latest advancements in invisible adjustment options. Once you have a straighter and stronger smile, we can keep it that way with routine visits.

You don’t have to make these decisions about your dental care on your own. If you suspect you might need to visit a specialist, call or visit us here at Eastgate Dental Excellence. We’ll assess your overall oral health and highlight any issues needing specialist care. Then we can offer referrals based on your condition and insurance coverage so you’re ready to address anything.